Megean Eggert

Helping you find your Purpose, Place, & Passion!

We each have an internal longing for Purpose. The age-old question of “why am I here?” We often experience feelings of depression, anxiety, unrest, and/or frustration when we are out of alignment with our Purpose. Many of us spend a lifetime searching for it. Some of us know early on. Wherever you are in your journey it’s important to uncover your natural giftings, talents, and skills. Answering these often leads us to the discovery of our Purpose.

Another question we often ask ourselves is “where do I belong”? Coinciding with purpose is our Place. Place can be a physical location, but more often than not it is where we fit in this fabric of existence. Consider a puzzle. Each individual piece is uniquely crafted to fit just right in one spot to make the full beautiful picture. So is our Place. In discovering purpose we often find our Place. Likewise, as we discover our Place we tend to also find our purpose. They are linked.

What brings you the most joy? What gets your blood boiling quicker than anything else? These are just a few questions to ask when trying to identify Passion. Passion is interwoven into our purpose and place. It is what fuels us into action. Our world needs each of us to find and pursue our God-given purpose, place, and passion!